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Vest ordered 7/9/09
My denim holster vest is ideal since I ride a motorcycle. No one gives it a second glance and that's the best part. No one can tell I'm carrying my Taurus PT145 pro Millennium .45cal. The vest is very well made and comfortable. I sometimes forget I'm carrying because it just doesn't seem to be so. I wear my vest even when not riding and the extra pockets come in handy for carrying things I would have to put in my pants pocket and be uncomfortable with. It's a great product and I'm quite happy with the purchase.
K.C. in Arkansas

I have been carrying concealed for a number of years. Needless to say I have tried numerous cover garments. Everything from jackets, light and heavy, shirts and bulky t-shirts. Without a doubt the Concealed Carry Outfitters vest is the absolute best I have ever used. I live in Texas and believe me it does get hot. Your Hot Weather Vest is perfect for this neck of the woods. It provides maximum cover for my weapon from full size automatics to small revolvers. It is a well designed vest that is attractive, highly functional and comfortable to wear. On those rare days when the weather gets a little chilly I wear the Western Style Vest in blue denim. For the professional or citizen looking for the perfect cover attire, your vests are the answer. Thank you Concealed Carry Outfitters.
W.C.G. San Antonio, Texas.

Just got your vests in today and they are great. If I were Personally designing a vest, this is what it would look like. Like so many others, I regularly carry a concealed firearm, flashlight, pocketknife, keys, wallet, and business card holder. When my wife and I go for our daily three to five mile hike, add to that load of stuff a small can of OC spray, mainly for dogs. Finally, I have a place to put everything thanks to you wonderful people. Please keep up the good work and we will be reordering more gear from you soon. C.B. Austin, Texas

In my opinion, the vest truly looks professional, well made with quality material and priced to reflect your hard work.
D.H. Mount Shasta California.

Got my vest today! Looks great! Fits really well. Quality top notch. Thanks. I will probably wear it everyday, even when not carrying. I have an old vest that is worn and too warm for summer, but I use it all the time to carry all my junk. My wife calls it my purse! I think I now have a replacement for old faithful. Thanks, Peter. P.B. Waldo, Wisconsin.

The vest works great! Very nice product, I'll be anxious to use it in our MO State IDPA tournament. Thank you for rushing the order to me. G.H. O'Fallon MO

I ordered a vest from you and it came yesterday... I really love it !!! It fits great and looks super also. I ride a Harley and will put a Harley patch on the back . When I'm on my bike I will use it for my wallet and flashlight, keys etc. and while at my ranch I can carry my pistol out of the weather along with my clip, flashlight ,knife, etc. Thank you for the fast shipping and a great vest, C.H. Long Beach Ca.

I got the vest on Saturday, I am really impressed with the workmanship and quality. It fits great and with a hand gun in one of the holsters you don't even know it is there. Thanks very much for making it out of the new material, I think this material will go over great with people searching for one of the best vests money can buy. Jim

Received my vest last week, and am very pleased. Thank you for a great Made In America product.
Sincerely, CB

Dear CCO. Please accept my thanks for an excellent product. With over fifteen years of Law Enforcement experience I've had several other concealment vests and vests I've used as concealment vests and this one was hands down the best. The fit and craftsmanship were clearly superior. The Vest (on my error) didn't fit and I still hated sending it back for another. Thanks again....
EB, Connecticut.

Received my vest, and in one word "PERFECT". Thank you for making such a well designed and well made product. The holster vest carries my gun (S&W 44mag) so comfortably I forget that it's there. Lot's of pockets in the right places, and the new warm weather version is comfortable in the warm summer weather. Thanks again. CB in Alaska

I received the vest I ordered a few days ago. I am writing to you to express me complete satisfaction with my vest. It fits me to a "T" and the styling is superb. Keep up the good work. Thank You!! K.R.

Ordered a Hot Weather IDPA version Vest on Friday and found it in the mailbox Tuesday. Great service. Great Vest. Great material and workmanship. Conceals well and gun (5" Norinco 1911) doesn't print even when the snaps are closed, and I've got a big waist. My wife was concerned about the price but said when I put it on that it looked good and was better quality than she thought it would be and that I'd finally bought some good clothes on my own. Thanks, I'll get another vest in the future. Bill C., Webster Groves, Missouri.

My testimonial:
I truly believe there is no better self-contained "Concealed Carry" holster vest out there than Concealed Carry Outfitters' holster vest. I have been carrying for eight years now and have always been on the look out for the perfect "Concealed Carry" method.
Recently, I decided I wanted a method / device that would allow me to carry with confidence that would not flash when bending down, getting up or down, etc. My search took me through numerous gun shows in and around Houston, Texas. I had indeed come across a couple holster vests, but was not satisfied with the way they hung on the body nor the weight distribution of the weapon.

THEN... I turned my search to the internet and I found Concealed Carry Outfitters' website. My search had been completed. I purchased a "Warm Weather Holster Vest" and was thrilled with it's design and quality. It met and exceeded my criteria for the perfect "Conceal Carry" vest. J.S., DCH, Houston Texas

I received the warm weather holster vest, black oilskin, about 2 weeks ago. I have used it on the job and find it to be ideal, even after sitting 6-8 hours in an aircraft. It is now my primary means of carrying concealed. I have recommended your company to my co-workers. I intend to order another vest in buckskin this upcoming week. Thanks for an outstanding product! Karl, Federal Air Marshall

I'm NOT experienced at concealed carry. I got my permit a year ago and have been leaving my firearm in my vehicle because I was mystified concerning how to conceal it on my person. I'd unsuccessfully tried many popular solutions. I either found them uncomfortable or too revealing. I was scratching my head and thinking "You probably need to go to a training course to learn how to do this the right way."

When I first came across the CCO page on the net I had entered a search string in my browser for "concealed weapon carry clothing" and several sites popped up offering vests at varying prices. CCO's was one of the more expensive but I thought that you probably get what you pay for.

Just to make sure, I called the company. I met one of THE most friendly and helpful people I had ever met on the phone. He carefully questioned me about my needs first. He was very informed about the ins and outs of CC and was able to help me select the one vest that satisfied all of my requirements. He also insured me that if I didn't like the product I could return it "no questions asked". Given his professionalism I believed him totally and placed my order. He said I should receive it in about three days.

The product arrived TWO days later and to my delight, it fit perfectly and looked REALLY sharp. I'm glad I added it to my wardrobe. It complements anything I wear with it! I will wear it for fashion even if I'm not carrying. I'm serious!!! Needless to say I haven't done that yet because it carries so discretely and comfortably I find absolutely no reason NOT to have my firearm and an extra clip with me at all times.

No one without a metal detector would possibly know I was carrying. I was actually stopped by a "speed trap" cop in a small local town while I was carrying in my vest holster. The cop let me off with a warning and didn't even act "cautious" around me. I was prepared to produce my CCWP but there was no reason! He never even suspected! In retrospect, I should have told him and shown my permit immediately to make things safer for us both. Chalk that up to a rookie mistake, but thanks to CCO and the superb holster vest it was a "freebee" mistake!

Thanks CCO for every thing. I am indeed one very satisfied customer!!!!
Chip O. from Enterprise, Alabama 6/9/05

I can't thank you enough for your excellent products. I received my vest quickly and I am very pleased with the material and workmanship. It is rare to find a company that really cares about their customers and produces very high quality products. Keep up the good work.
Johnnie K. Seneca, S.C.

At last.... My vest arrived in the mail yesterday, after wearing it for bout 12hrs, I must say it is indeed a fine quality product. It fits large just like I like it and no one is the wiser for it either. It fits all of my pistols just fine. Over all I am a very pleased customer. Thank you Concealed Carry Outfitters... I didn't want to settle for a "lesser" vest.
R.M. Hägg, Feb. 2006

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