Welcome to Concealed Carry Outfitters.

We know you will be very happy with our vests for concealed carry. We have very satisfied customers from all walks of carry life. From law enforcement, private citizens with CCW permits, Air Marshals, Parole Officers, plain clothes investigators

If you need to carry, we have you covered. Our only business is concealed carry.

CCO's Concealed Carry Gun Vests come in five styles and various colors
Holster Vests (with the holster actually built into the vest and designed to carry a full size handgun)
Cover Vests (designed to cover a belt holster), are tailored long enough to cover a full size handgun and loose in the waist area to avoid printing.
They include:
Patriot Vest
Hot Weather Vest
Professional Vest
Western Vest

If you have any questions or need to discuss your needs, please contact us

Gun concealment is our business.

Hot Weather Vest The Holster Vest The Professional Vest
Hot Weather Vest Holster Vest
The Western Vest The Patriot Vest Ladies Vests

All of Concealed Carry Outfitters vests come in Ladies sizes.Please call in your order so we may fit you correctly

All our Concealed Carry Vests are proudly MADE IN THE USA.